Tomato Season is here!

We, at South Valley Mushroom Farm, are a small, family run mushroom farm that sells mainly to wholesalers and markets in Silicon Valley and Southern California.  For years we have been growing tomatoes for our personal use and for friends and family.  This year, for the first time ever, we are sharing our love of growing tomatoes with the public by offering fresh. locally grown Tomatoes on the mushroom farm property.

Stay updated on the harvest

If you sign up now, we will let you know what types of tomatoes are available that week.  We have planted some of our favorites along with some classic heirlooms like Brandywines.  The first tomatoes will be available Mid-June 2017 and should be available until September/October 2017.  Click the sign up button below to get current farm updates.  

How we grow 

Naturally we use mushroom compost to amend and enrich our soil.  While we are not certified organic, we do not use pesticides or other non-organic methods on the farm.  Instead, we try to integrate natural repellents by planting onions, chilies and flowers in between the tomato plants.  For a full list of our tomatoes, click on the "Tomato Varieties" button to the left.

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