this week
in the farmstand:

Resuming to normal hours: Monday-Saturday 9am - 2pm


  • White Button   

  • Cremini

  • Portobellos -

Other Fresh Varieties for 11/25/22-12/01/22: 

  • Shiitake 

  • Lions Mane 

  • Oyster 

  • King Trumpet

  • Maitake


  • Frantoio Grove Olive Oil (San Martin)

  • Dried Mushrooms: Porcini, Morel, Maitake, Chanterelle, Candy Cap

  • Honey: Local Morgan Hill, Orange Blossom, Lotus, Creamed Honey, Cinnamon Creamed Honey

  • Black Truffle Oil - Made in Italy, Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Black Winter Truffles